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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gail Texas

I have found myself in Gail Texas. Where is that!? you ask. Well, it's in the middle of no where. You can't even buy gas here! The only store in town has never seen a credit card, and they don't sell gas gas! I guess that question has been ask enough for the proprietor to buy a sign that says " We don't sell Gas". Cash is king. I have parked my newly acquired travel trailer in the local RV park at Gail Texas. But, when I need gas or anything after 5 PM, I have to drive north to Post, 32 miles, West to Lamesa, 32 miles, East to Snyder Texas 32 miles, or South somewhere, 42 miles. The top photo is "Down Town" Gail.
I wonder sometimes when I travel to different places, 'why do people live here' or 'how do you end up in a place like this? Most of all, 'what do these people do for a living? We all end up somewhere, I guess. Each of us have a long list of reasons why we are where we are.

This is a photo of the Gail Wal-Mart. This is an actual store. He opens up on Thursday and closes on Saturday afternoon. I haven't had time to shop there yet, but I am going to if I am here long enough. You could also use this as an "I Spy Photo" too. He has one of everything, some may work.

So, how do you think this guy ended up in a place like Gail TX, with a store full of used up stuff? He could have grown up here, and his family never threw anything away. I guess he could have been passing through town and ran out of gas. Found out they don't sell gas in Gail, bought a local junk store. I'm open to ideas. So put your ideas in a comment and lets see how many ways this could happen.

I'm sure some folks have a plan and actually know where they are going and why. I know that Missionaries plan where they go and how long to stay and all that. But, for me, I just don't know. Seems like I have found myself in a place that I like very much, have all I could ever ask for, and still I wonder, 'is this where we are supposed to be?'
The RV park in Gail is for sale, and I am low on gas..................................
Wish you were here....?


Hi-d-Ho said...

Maybe he got kicked out of a 'real' flea market for over pricing, so he came to Gail where the supply is low and the demand is high. Sounds like a business genius to me!
Please don't buy the RV park. But maybe a gas station would be a good investment.

Tammy said...

beat's me! that's hilarious! hey, one man's junk, is another man's treasure.

joel said...

great post. Was in Gail earlier today, not the place for my car to say, 5mi until empty tank. Had no idea that house was an actual store, wow. Would have stopped by if the right day.

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